5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a CMM

Choosing the right CMM can be a daunting task for some. It’s not like walking into a bakery and choosing the best looking pastry to devour, it’s super technical and it takes quite a bit of planning and time. There’s so many aspects to consider that it can get overwhelming (trust us, we understand the struggle), so we put together a few questions to ask.

How big is the size of the largest part I will be measuring?

This helps us determine the appropriate machine size for your application. Typically, you want to try to fit 80% of the parts you make into the measuring envelope of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

What are the tolerances of my parts?

The answer to this question provides us with a few crucial determinations. It will help to determine if you need a standard or high-accuracy CMM package.

What are the throughput requirements?

Here’s a biggie. With the Renishaw PH20 5-axis touch trigger head or the Revo 5-axis scanning head, you will literally run double or triple the throughput of a traditional CMM. It’s like getting 3 CMMs for the price of one. That’s getting a bang for your buck!

Who will be responsible for running the CMM?

The operator will have to know the software in order to run the CMM. With Made to Measure New CMMs have an open platform for most CMM software including Verisurf and MODUS to name a few. We have multiple software solutions that are easy, intuitive, and user-friendly.

How much space do I have to allocate?

CMMs are fairly large and require a computer to run which means you’ll need a desk and a source of power, ect.. Think about where the machine will be going and be sure to allocate for desk space, room for parts, and of course an operator!

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