Project Briefs

Project: CMM Installation

Industry: Industrial Heater and Sensor Manufacturer
Contact Title: QA/CMM Supervisor
Location: Illinois
We had the pleasure of working with the QA/CMM Manager at a leading industrial heater and sensor manufacturer in Illinois to install a new Made to Measure Apache CMM fitted with a Renishaw PH10M-iQ Plus Probe Head & CMM-Manager Software! Thank you for the opportunity & a special thanks to our CMM Team Jacob Cizek and Quinton Bley for working hard on a successful completion of the install and calibration! To learn more about the Made to Measure line of CMMs click here.

Project: Reverse Engineering/Laser Scanning

Industry: Mobile Industrial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer
Contact Title: R&D Design Engineer
Location: Illinois
In January 2021, Made to Measure had the pleasure of assisting the R & D Design Engineer Elgin Sweeper of a leading mobile industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer with reverse engineering some previously outsourced parts to correct documentation. Our Metrologist, Erik Gustafson, spent several days at their facility laser scanning dozens of components with his Creaform HandySCAN Black Laser Scanner. From the captured laser scan point cloud, STL files were created, delivered to the customer, and then used to develop CAD models. Learn more about our on-site laser scanning services here.

Project: Dimensional Inspection/Automated Vacuum & Pull Test

Industry: Automotive
Contact Title: Quality Engineer
Location: Michigan
A customer had an unfortunate problem with the production of their fuel valves for off-highway vehicles. The team at Made to Measure found them a solution! The Made to Measure team was able to come up with a design for an automated vacuum and pull test for a multitude of these types of parts, all ranging in different styles, and all with significant problems. Once the vacuum and pull test design was set-up and ready for the inspection, we measured 8,000 fuel valves total! Learn more about our part sorting services here.

Project: CMM Programming

Industry: Medical Supplies Manufacturer
Contact Title: Research & Development Engineer
Location: Florida
A medical components manufacturer was experiencing difficulties measuring a complex radius on a medical device. The company hired Made to Measure to develop a CMM program that would allow them to measure the product in-house. Made to Measure success developed the program and provided the company insights on how to tackle a similar project in the future. Learn more about our CMM programming services here.

Project: Reverse Engineering/Laser Scanning

Industry: HVAC
Contact Title: Engineer – Product Development
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
A prominent HVAC equipment manufacturer was experiencing tremendous growth and needed to increase production of it’s evaporative condenser units. Made to Measure was brought in to laser scan and model 40 year-old tooling to enable the company to have another set manufactured for their new production line. Learn more about our reverse engineering services here.