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Made To Measure Metrology, a leading quality & metrology training provider in North America, was recently spotlighted in GE Aerospace‘s Lynn Article recounting how a group of their engineers has embarked on a journey toward becoming AUKOM e.V. certified metrologists. AUKOM, an international best practices of metrology course, provides a consistent, comprehensive, brand-neutral knowledge of metrology including effective collection and evaluation of measurement results. The program has garnered recognition for its efficacy in standardizing metrology training and certification. GE Aerospace, known for its cutting-edge innovations in aerospace technology, recognized the importance of AUKOM certification in maintaining the highest standards of precision measurement in their manufacturing processes.

AUKOM Training | Made to Measure

Made to Measure was invited by several GE Aerospace locations to help reduce measurement inconsistencies through four distinctive AUKOM courses. We are thrilled to play a pivotal role in this endeavor, offering our renowned “AUKOM” training program, led by our esteemed Director of Quality and Training, Jacek Macias. Jacek has been a respected mind in metrology for nearly 40 years and continuously works toward increasing his knowledge in the field. Within only 7 years, Jacek has awarded 700 participates certificates in AUKOM 1, 2, 3, and GD&T through 100 courses. Jacek states “There isn’t a comprehensive metrology training program apart from AUKOM”. Worldwide, comparable measurement results continue to be the mission of quality personnel. Each week we see more and more companies adopting AUKOM as a training standard in their facilities to address this need”.

Jacek Macias Teaching AUKOM | Made to Measure

Made to Measure is proud to have contributed to GE Aerospace’s initiative, with many employees already completing AUKOM 1, 2, & GD&T, and several also achieving certification in AUKOM 3. With a straightforward yet meticulous approach, Made to Measure equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills needed to provide universally comparable measurement results. This achievement underscores the tangible impact of our training programs in enhancing precision measurement capabilities within organizations.

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Made to Measure is one of four Certified AUKOM Partners.

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