Gage Calibration Lab

Gage Calibration Lab

For over 35 years, Made to Measure has been dedicated to providing consistent accuracy, top-notch customer service, and the best value in the industry. We have worked with some of the largest and most respected manufacturers and government agencies in the world, producing extraordinarily complex parts with extreme requirements from highly regulated industries. Now with our Gage Calibration Lab, we offer another way to support your mission of outstanding quality.

Reasons To Choose Made to Measure For Your Gage Calibration

Fast Calibration

We offer the fastest calibration in Chicagoland with a three to five day turnaround time, resulting in zero to minimal downtime. Our staff of metrologists and technicians respond to inquiries immediately. We guarantee our turnaround times will help to keep your operation running smoothly.

Calibration Made Easy

Our team will make your job easier by notifying you when your gages need to be calibrated. Then we will pick them up, calibrate them, and drop them off with all the necessary documentation. And, our pick-up and drop off service is free! Discover how your workload is reduced when we manage gage calibration for you.

Quick Data Access

For your convenience, calibration certificates and documentation are available in digital and print formats. Plus, we provide free calibration labels complete with 2D barcodes. Calibration status and reports are available 24/7 on an extremely secure calibration management system, helping to ensure you are compliant.

Guaranteed Accuracy

We provide the most modern Mahr calibration equipment in the Midwest. It is located in our precisely climate controlled laboratory and operated by a highly experienced staff of ASME GDTP senior level certified and AUKOM certified metrologists. Made to Measure holds ISO/IEC-17025:2017 accreditation, delivering true traceability through NIST to guarantee optimal performance.

Best Value

With our competitive pricing, free certificates, free pick-up and drop off, and guaranteed three to five day calibration, Made to Measure offers the best value in the marketplace today. Furthermore, any minor adjustments are made free of charge. Don’t miss our 20 percent discount off our list prices. This offer is valid until July 2024.

Gage Blocks and Other Masters (Steel, Ceramic, Chrome & Tungsten Carbide)

  • Gage Blocks Up To 20″ (Up to 500 mm) – Any Grade
  • Caliper & Mike Masters Up to 12″ (300 mm)


  • Standard Bars & Rods – Size 1 – 61″+ (25 – 1525mm+)
  • Standard Bars & Rods – 1″ – 11″

Calipers (Vernier, Dial, and Digital)

  • Size 4 – 120″ (100 – 3000 mm)

Height Gages (Vernier, Dial, and Digital)

  • Size 6 – 40″ (150 – 1000 mm)


  • Micrometers Outside Mechanical or Digital – Size 0 – 40″
    (0 – 1000 mm)
  • Micrometers Outside Mechanical or Digital – Micrometer w/Special Anvil Size 1 – 4″ (25 – 100 mm)
  • Micrometers Outside Mechanical or Digital Interchangeable Anvil Type – Size 0 – 40″ (0 – 1000 mm)
  • Micrometers Depth Mechanical or Digital – Depth Micrometer with Single Rod
  • Micrometers Depth Mechanical or Digital – Depth Micrometer 4-12″ (100 – 300 mm)
  • Special Type Micrometers Mechanical or Digital (Bench Micrometer, Indicating Micrometer, Micrometer Heads up to 2″ or 50 mm, Inside Micrometer Head, Dial Snap Micrometers, Thread Mic. Anvil Set, Grove Micrometer, Laser Scan Micrometer up to 1″)

Height Set Masters – Height Masters/Cadillac Gages

  • Size 6 – 40″ (150 – 1000 mm)

Dial/Test/Digital Indicators

  • Dial Indicators – up to .5 – 4″ (12 – 100 mm)
  • Test Indicator (All)
  • Digital Indicator (All)

Dial and Digital Bore Gages/Holemikes

  • Holtest/Holemike 3 Point Type (Mechanical & Digimatic) – Size 0 – 12″ (0 – 300mm)
  • Dial Bore Gages w/o Micrometer Head – All Ranges
  • Dial Bore Gages with Micrometer Head – All Ranges

Plain Pin Gage Sets

  • Size 0 – 1″ (Class Y, Z, ZZ, X, XX, XXX) – Note: Two readings per pin – front & back.

Plain Plug Gages

  • Size 0 – 1″ (Class Y, Z, ZZ, X, XX, XXX) – Note: 6 measurements per member

Plain Ring Gages

  • Setting Rings/Ring Gages (Class Y, Z, X) – .100″ – 12.000″
  • Setting Rings/Ring Gages (Class XX, XXX) – .100″ – 12.000″

*Note: Six readings per ring @ (0° & 90°)

Radius Gages (Leaf Type)

  • All Sets

Angle Gages (Leaf Type)

  • All Sets

Profilometers and Surface Measuring Equipment

  • Profilometers & Surface Measuring Equipment (Surface Finish Measuring Instrument (Ra and Ry), Mitutoyo (210, 310, 410, Mahr (MahrSurf), Starrett (SR), Fowler (X-Pro))
  • Surface Finish Patches (Roughness Specimen (1 Patch) – Ra only, Roughness Specimen (2 Patch) – Ra only, Roughness Specimen (3 Patch) – Ra only, 22 Patch (Visual Comparator) – Ra only, 30 Patch (Visual Comparator) – Ra only)

Pitch Gages (Leaf Type)

  • All Sets

Rulers/Scales – Steel/Aluminum Rulers

  • All Sets

Note: One reading per leaf

Thickness Gages (Leaf Type)

  • Thickness Gages (Feeler Type) – 9 to 29 pc Set

Depth Gages

  • Depth Gages (Vernier, Depth, & Digital) – Size 6 – 40″ (150 – 1500mm)

Thread Related Equipment

  • Thread and Setting Plug Gages (UN and Metric)
  • Dial/Test/Digital Indicators
  • Thread Ring Gages (UN & Metric)
  • Thread Measuring Wires
  • Thread Setting Rods (60° & 55°)

Miscellaneous Gages

  • Coating Thickness Gages
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gages
  • Protractors
  • Optical Flats and Parallels
  • Scales and Balances
  • Force Gages (Dial and Digital)
  • Torque Measuring Tools (Dial, Digital, and Click Type)
  • Gram Gages (Dial and Digital)

Made to Measure Guarantee

Made to Measure backs all calibrations with a 30-day warranty on variable instruments and a 90-day warranty on attribute instruments. If the instrument is no longer within calibration, we will recalibrate the instrument free of charge (subject to verification by our calibration expert).

Disclaimer: Any number of factors including – abuse, misuse, unintentional adjustment, etc.
can render an instrument out of calibration or non-functional.

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