Used CMMs in Stock

Like-New LK V 20.12.10

2014 LK V 20.12.10 – LK Altera

This LK V 20.12.20 CMM machine is in beautiful condition, having received yearly calibration despite only being used for only a few months of its short life. Browse the specs below to see if it’s a fit for your shop floor.

  • X 1200mm Y 2000mm Z 1000mm
  • LK controller
  • Renishaw PH10 Probe Head
  • Renishaw Stylus Kit
  • Qualification Sphere

Computer & Software System 

  • CMM Manager software
  • Desktop Computer with latest Intel Processor
  • Dual 24” Widescreen Monitors


  • Tsunami Air Filtration System for CMM
  • Battery Backup/Surge Protector


  • Installation
  • Calibration