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Wenzel LH 1512 Premium Select

This Wenzel CMM for sale is one of the largest available in their catalogue—but also one of their most precise. Equipped with pneumatic active dampening and automatic temperature compensation, this hardly used CMM for sale is one of the largest and most advanced machines we have available!

The Wenzel LH 1512 Premium Select offers even better acceleration than comparable Standard or Premium level models, meaning it offers faster measurement times overall. If you need to regularly inspect large items with a high-degree of accuracy, then our Wenzel LH 1512 is the solution you’re looking for. Browse the specs below, and feel free to call us at (847) 851-1160 with any questions or to request a quote.

Machine Info

  • 59.05″″ X / 78.74″ Y / 47.24″ Z  (1500mm X / 2000mm Y / 1200mm Z)
  • Renishaw Controller
  • Renishaw Joystick Control
  • Renishaw PH10 Probe Head
  • Renishaw Stylus Kit
  • Qualification Sphere

Computer & Software System 

  • Any CMM software
  • Desktop Computer with latest Intel Processor
  • Dual 24” Widescreen Monitors


  • Tsunami Air Filtration System for CMM
  • Battery Backup/Surge Protector


  • Installation
  • Calibration


Classroom software training at the Made to Measure Knowledge Center


One Year Complete System Warranty

Optional Add-Ons 


  • PH20 5-Axis, infinite rotation probe head
  • REVO 5-Axis, infinite rotation laser scanning head