Industries & Applications


Made to Measure has the experience, equipment, and capabilities to handle most requests from most industries. We can inspect all material from malleable plastic to machined titanium. Our lab can accommodate parts as minute as a human hair or as large as a car. We can even accommodate materials that must be measured at temperature and humidity levels far outside normal lab conditions.

We’re always ready to serve any industry to the best of our ability, no matter what your company needs measured. Take some time to browse how our CMM inspection, metrology training, and coordinate measuring machine programming services offered at Made to Measure can apply to your industry. From firearms to furniture, our metrology and CMM services are here to help.


Because of our wide-range of inspection equipment and highly educated and certified Metrologists, we are frequently called upon by aerospace companies across North America for CMM parts inspection. These companies are both private sector as well as those related to Defense, UAV, and Space applications.

SpaceX trusts Made to Measure for metrology services

Our team is highly-skilled at measuring complex geometries as well as laser scanning very large assemblies. We adhere to ITAR compliance protocols like file distribution and storage procedures, as well as required analysis and reporting standards. We can provide your results in standardized aerospace FAI report forms, such as AS9102, AS9131, and ARP9137. We can also offer your team customized forms to your own internal specification, if required. Additionally, we’re ready support all of your ISO 9001: 2015 and AS 9100D dimensional inspection requirements.

With our diverse capabilities, Made to Measure is well-suited to handle automotive inspection projects. We measure all types of materials including heavy cast parts, long plastic pieces, and large sheet metal components. We can capture internal features, contour measurements, profiles, and dimensions of large & heavy components. Our Metrologists excel at inspecting critical components such as engines, injection systems, transmissions, panels, and fixtures. Reach out to us today for a fast and free estimation.

We appreciate the special regulatory requirements of medical inspection projects. Not only do many medical components need to function properly, but also comfortably such as dental and orthopedic implants. Therefore, the importance of the dimensional inspection and analysis performed holds an extra level of urgency.  Accuracy and transparency are of vital importance in any medical component inspection. Additionally, we know that contamination is often a significant concern, requiring special handling and PPE. We also stay informed of the most current inspection regulations & protocols regarding medical components. Contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Made to Measure understands the importance of providing comprehensive metrology solutions to verify the dimensions of the plastic components you are manufacturing. Our Metrologists, estimators, and project managers have vast knowledge in plastic injection molding as well as tooling development. We not only can inspect and measure the shots run off your tooling, but also reverse engineer tooling for duplication, color map to visually highlight discrepancies or CT scan to capture internal features. Call or email us to share your project requirements.

Made to Measure works with all types of companies in metal manufacturing from family-owned machine shops and stamping facilities to large national manufacturers. Whether big or small, our clients get the same level of service from our Metrologists, consultants, trainers, project managers, and estimators to ensure they receive the highest quality dimensional inspection, reverse engineering, CMM calibration or part sorting every time. Contact us today. Our experts are available now to discuss your needs.