Insightful Reporting

Not just a report, but solutions! Made to Measure doesn’t just deliver the data, we’ll work with you to understand problems, identify specific tolerances and initiate solutions.

Our team is here to work with yours, not simply provide measurements.

Get analysis and insights from expert metrologists who have certified experience in a variety of fields. Plus, see all of the raw data for easier trouble shooting and an opportunity to dig deeper if needed.

Inspection Reports

Balloon Drawings

Drawings are ballooned at Made to Measure, or can be provided by the client to speed up the process. The final report will match up with the corresponding values. A ballooned drawing is a numbered drawing. The “balloons” are the circles around the numbers signifying that they are indicators and not data values.

Easily Identify Tolerances

If there is data out of spec, or ‘out of tolerance’, the corresponding value on the report will turn red. Our reports make it easy to identify tolerance values, thus discovering the root of any problems. This is especially true if the client explains that problem while scheduling the project.

Traceable Method Results

It’s the measurement results that are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through NIST. Each inspection method and equipment used is identified on the report. if Metrologist A used ‘VC J007’ and Metrologist B used ‘VC J008’, their individual measurements can be traced back to that piece of equipment and then through an unbroken chain of calibrations by accredited laboratories to SI units.

Chromatic Map Reports

Our easy-to-read Chromatic Reports are created through scanning and analysis technologies that provide a graphic, color-coded report comparing the actual part to the CAD model. Chromatic Reporting allows your team to easily evaluate the accuracy of your existing parts and prevent fit and functionality issues.