Inspection Capacity Support

Even if you have a well-equipped Quality Department with a highly-trained staff, sometimes there are just too many components to measure or programs to develop. 

Is your department experiencing capacity constraints due to equipment failure? Have you been suffering from a staffing interruption? Made to Measure can support your capacity shortfalls by quickly handling those crucial, unassigned metrology projects, helping you stay on schedule without sacrificing quality.

You can count on Made to Measure when your Quality Department is overflowing with project requests. With over 15 CMMs, several visual measuring machines, and hundreds of manual measuring devices, we have the state-of-the-art equipment needed for the tolerances you require. 

Our highly-trained staff of ASME GD&T and AUKOM certified Metrologists have over 150 years of combined experience and are ready to handle your influx of metrology work. On average, they perform 650 hours of dimensional inspection work on a weekly basis with the ability to quickly increase capacity by up to 20%. We can also expedite your projects to provide the metrology data you need immediately. 

M2M Inspection Capacity Support Service Includes: 

Rely on Made to Measure When: 

  • You have staffing interruptions
  • Projects have increased quickly 
  • A Third-Party Impartial Evaluation is required
  • You need alternate measuring methods
  • Part geometry has become more complex 
  • Your CMM or other measurement equipment is down 
  • Accuracy requirements are higher than normal 
  • Parts are larger than your in-house equipment can handle 
  • You need laser scanning, reverse engineering, or CT scanning, but lack equipment or experience

Contact us today to learn more about our Inspection Capacity Support Service. For accelerated service, Made to Measure can provide preauthorization documentation in advance and/or maintain an open PO. Then we’ll be ready at a moment’s notice in the event you need us.

We have additional solutions available to address inspection congestion. Overcome bottlenecks and over-capacity situations by:

Think of Made to Measure as your backup quality department. Contact us about our Inspection Capacity Support Service for professional quality departments today!