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Maintenance, Repair, Calibrations, & Error Mapping Services on all Renishaw UCC Controllers!

CMM Calibration Service Guarantee

Calibration services involve 8 hours of preparation, inspection, and labor, including preventative maintenance, mechanical adjustments, repeatability tests, and position-only error-map alterations when required. If our Service Engineer confirms the “as-found” data is within the established machine specification during the evaluation, the machine will be certified “as-found = as-left” and calibrated with no further actions needed. Each confirmed machine receives a Calibration Plaque and Calibration Certificate.

If our Service Engineer concludes that the CMM “as-found” data is not within the established specification (i.e. the CMM is out of alignment), remedies, including repair or error mapping, are discussed with the client, quoted separately, and implemented upon written approval. As in the previous case, each confirmed machine receives a Calibration Plaque, however, the Calibration Certificate will include complete documentation of the “as-found” and “as-left” data. 

The Made to Measure CMM Calibration Process

The main goal of calibration is to guarantee the reliability of CMM measurements and to produce traceability for that reliability. The end result is a CMM that functions accurately and consistently beyond our customer’s quality program’s next calibration date. To do this, we have developed a methodical and comprehensive process of evaluating the setting, the hardware, and the software to identify any anomalies that might affect the performance of the CMM.

When a Made to Measure CMM Service Engineer arrives on-site, they first access the environment of the CMM and prepare for the calibration. After that, the precise activity of calibration begins. An overview of the process includes the following steps:

Acclimate Calibration Equipment – The calibration instruments are soaked or acclimated for up to 2 hours to ensure measurement accuracy

Inspection and Preventative Maintenance – While the calibrations instruments are soaking, the Service Engineer performs the CMM inspection checklist and preventative maintenance tasks including:

• Wiping down the CMM

• Visually inspecting the bearings, belts, scales, and other components.

• Running the machine to verify smooth operation. Belts are tightened and other components may be adjusted if necessary.

CMM Calibration – After the initial checklist and tasks are completed, our Service Engineer conducts a repeatability test as the main part of the calibration process. Here the Service Engineer, with the ISO 10360-2 Calibration Standard artifact, confirms or rejects the “as found data” on the CMM.

• If necessary, we perform CMM Repair and/or Error-Mapping

Please Note: Prior to the Service Engineer’s arrival, you can help make the calibration process run smoother by lightly cleaning the CMM and tidying around the immediate area.

At Made to Measure, we’ve been performing dimensional inspection services for over 35 years. Our team of metrologists has over 150 years of combined experience. And because we practice and teach metrology on a daily basis, we truly know what’s needed to keep a CMM running perfectly.

We can calibrate any CMM with a Renishaw UCC Controller including:

  • T3 (PH10 Head)
  • T5 (PH20 Head)
  • S3 (PH10 with Scanning)
  • S5 (Revo)

At Made to Measure, we provide reliable, expert CMM service to our customers year after year. We’re here to support your team with whatever you need, from a one-time assessment to an Annual CMM Calibration Service Agreement. Remote CMM Support, Service Retainers, and Flexible Scheduling are also available.

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“We just moved our 2 CMMs to a newly built temperature-controlled Quality Room. Can you calibrate them both for us?”

Absolutely! That’s what we do all the time at Made to Measure. As most are aware, not only is it necessary to recalibrate after moving a CMM, but also when the environment changes.

Frequently asked questions – Calibration FAQs

How often should a CMM Calibration be performed?

CMM Calibrations should happen on a regular basis and align with your company’s quality program. Typically, we recommend calibrations occur at least annually to ensure the accuracy of your machine. The rule of thumb says every 2000 hours of work, which is typically 1 year of use. However, here are several more reasons why a CMM might need to be recalibrated:

• CMM is located in an exceedingly harsh environment (heat, moisture, contaminants)
• CMM is in an area with widely fluctuating temperatures & humidity
• CMM has been recently moved, even slightly, to a new location
• CMM has not been calibrated in over a year with frequent use
• CMM has been repaired or mechanically adjusted
• There was an event where something (e.g. vehicle, personnel, materials) crashed into the CMM

What’s the difference between Calibration and Verification?

It is important to understand that “Calibration” and “Verification” in terms of maintaining CMMs, are NOT interchangeable and have different meanings. Verification happens when a trained Service Engineer verifies the performing accuracy of a CMM. If the verification reveals that the accuracy of the machine is not accurate enough for the application, a Calibration of the machine is needed.

Calibration consists of verifying the accuracy and adjusting the CMM error map (and whatever else may be necessary) to bring the machine to its original accuracy. This directly impacts the machine’s reliability and performance accuracy. A key indicator that the service is only a verification and not a calibration is the use of a B89 Ballbar. Calibration services utilize a precise step gage artifact with NIST traceability

Should I check my CMMs in between calibrations?

We recommend utilizing Renishaw’s Machine Checking Gauges to monitor accuracy regularly between calibrations. A simple 10 – 20 minute interim verification can give green-light assurance to the measurements, or give you the red light that servicing may be necessary now. You can order one for your machine through Made to Measure. Contact us to purchase one for your machine.

Choose Made to Measure as your Coordinate Measuring Machine Service Partner!

Made to Measure is a ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 10360-2:2009 accredited lab for calibration services. Our CMM Service Engineers are highly experienced and familiar with many types of CMMs and manufacturers. Our calibration services provide confidence in your equipment & daily inspections. Our service goes beyond simple checks — We adjust the machine’s error maps, which a lot of similar service companies neglect to do. (Pro tip: Always ask your calibration provider if they adjust the error map, before committing to services.) Our Service Engineers are diligent, reliable, and ready to service your equipment today!

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