CMM Retrofits & Upgrades

Improve the throughput, accuracy, & functionality of your CMM for a fraction of the cost of a new model!

Most CMM frames are not subject to high levels of wear & tear and remain serviceable often for decades. However, software, control systems and sensors can quickly become outdated as new faster and more capable ones are introduced. Upgrading your CMM can give it a new lease on life. A new scale and encoder package with a new controller will make your CMM more accurate. New software can make your CMM easier to use. And replacing the probe head can increase your throughput. Whatever your CMM improvement goal is, Made to Measure can help. 

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Top 10 Reasons Companies Choose Retrofitting: 

  1. Improves Accuracy & Reliability – Better components provide better results
  2. Extends CMM Lifespan – Great way to increase CMM longevity & support sustainability  
  3. Increases Throughput – Measure more products on the same CMM 
  4. Better Value than a New CMM – Retrofitting gets you what you need at a fraction of the cost 
  5. Ease of Use – Cutting-edge technologies are easier to learn and use making your CMM more powerful 
  6. Increases Precision Control – Measure more exactly to get faster, higher-quality measurements 
  7. Access to the Newest Probe Technologies – You don’t need to buy a new CMM to gain access to the best equipment 
  8. Access to the Newest CMM Software – Modern CMM software has so much more functionality  
  9. Reduces Downtime/Repairs – No more worrying about the reliability of your CMM 
  10. Automation Tools – Take advantage of the newest automation supporting equipment and software 

Made to Measure Retrofitting Solutions:  

CMM Probe Heads  

We offer the Renishaw line of probe heads including the REVO-2 5-Axis probe head, the PH20 5-Axis probe head, RVP Vision probe head, RFP Fringe probe head, and the PH10 3-Axis probe head. All can dramatically impact inspection timescales, costs, capability, and flexibility on all sizes of CMM. Additionally, Made to Measure carries both the L100 and L15 Nikon CMM Scanning Lasers, offering the best possible combination of speed, accuracy, and ease of use. 


There are several multi-functional hand control units that can provide superior CMM control over legacy hand controllers. The MCUlite-2 is a basic low-cost joystick for 3-axis CMM without an LCD. It’s compatible with the range of Renishaw CMM controllers and incorporates all the functionality of the HCU1 hand controller for motorized heads. The MCU5-2 is a development of the MCU5 joystick, with new buttons and new functionality including an LCD Screen. It has been developed for use with Renishaw’s REVO system, PH20, RFP & RVP, providing the ability to move the CMM in the axis of the probe and stylus. 

Scales & Encoders  

We can outfit your CMM with Renishaw TONIC encoders and industry-standard gold tape scales. Both the linear and rotary versions of TONIC offer exceptional speed, accuracy, stability, reliability, and unrivaled simplicity. 

CMM Probe Head Sensors 
Renishaw SP25M

Another option to increase the accuracy of your CMM is through a new CMM probe head sensor. Our preferred CMM enhancing sensor is the Renishaw SP25M, which is actually two sensors in one, allowing the CMM to be used in scan mode for form measurement or reverse engineering and in touch-trigger mode for standard geometry. Accuracy improvements have been documented as great as 15%*. 

*Versus Renishaw TP25 & TP20 sensors, SP25 comparable. 

CMM Controllers 

A new CMM Controller provides increased accuracy, functionality, and performance by better coordinating machine movements. In addition, a modern controller allows access to the latest probe technology, is compatible with the newest CMM programming software, coordinates with CMM automation operations and supports rotary tables. A Renishaw controller from Made to Measure offer full support for all Renishaw sensors and probe heads, is completely compatible with revolutionary REVO-2, RVP, & RFP probe heads and I++ DME compliant. 

CMM Components   

Installing brand-new CMM components such as hoses, drive belts, bearings, switches, solenoids, regulators, cooling fans, cables, harnesses, motors, and drives breathe new life into an old CMM. When the essential components have been replaced, there’s no more worrying about the functionality and dependability of your CMM. 

Pictured: M2M’s Custom Computer Workstation

Air Filters 

One of the leading causes of CMM downtime and repair costs is oil and particulates in the compressed air system. Stay ahead of the game with the latest Tsunami air filtration system. Tsunami filters are machined from the highest quality materials and are anodized inside and out to ensure ultimate durability against corrosion and trapped contaminates. The cutting-edge technology is rigorously tested to outperform your expectations regardless of the industry or application. 

Air Dryers 

Not only is it important to keep the air in the CMM system clean, it’s just as important to keep the air dry. Ultra Series Regenerative Drying Systems provide world-class clean air technology at an affordable price. Complete with pre-filters, programmable logic controller (PLC), and automatic drains. Air dryers should be used when you want to remove or reduce the humidity levels in your compressed air system to meet or exceed the air quality requirements of your CMM. 


Great hardware isn’t everything. You can install the best probe & controller technology and replace worn-out parts with new components, but in order to fully improve the CMM’s throughput, accuracy, and capabilities, you’re going to need great software as well. Made to Measure can install most major CMM software including our well-supported Verisurf, MODUS, CMM Manager, and PC-DMIS, to help you improve your measurement workflow and quality inspection programs. And Made to Measure won’t leave you hanging –We offer comprehensive training onsite or at our facility, so you’ll be able to utilize the full power of your new software. 

“We really needed to upgrade our CMM to effectively measure our parts and we couldn’t have done this within our budget without your help. Thanks M2M Team!”

Quality Manager, aerospace supplier

How to Get Your Retrofit Started: 

If you are interested in retrofitting your CMM, simply contact us with the specification of your equipment, current situation, and measurement goals. We’ll quickly develop a solution and estimate for you. If you decide to move forward with our proposal, our CMM Service Engineer performs the following steps: 

  • Verify environmental conditions and recommend air filtration and/or dryer solutions, if necessary 
  • Stabilize and clean equipment 
  • Verify issues, disassemble the CMM and thoroughly clean the components 
  • Visually inspecting the bearings, belts, scales, and other components. Replace worn, missing, broken parts with OEM parts 
  • Install new scales, encoders, and controllers, if necessary 
  • Install new probe heads and sensors, if required 
  • Install new software, if requested 
  • Run the machine to verify smooth operation 
  • Calibrate CMM utilizing our ISO 10360-2 calibration equipment and processes 
  • Train staff on operations of the rebuilt CMM 
  • Recommend fixtures, racks, styli, and other components that will aid in CMM measurements 

Common Benefits Achieved through CMM Retrofitting: 

Here is a list of the common solutions that CMM retrofitting provides: 

  • Increased Automation 
  • Laser Scanning Capabilities  
  • Ability to Measure Complex Profiles 
  • Ability to Measure Surface Finishes 
  • Higher Throughput 
  • Convert CMM Probe Head from Manually Indexable to Automatically Indexable 
  • Increase from 3-Axis to 5-Axis Touch Probe 
  • Change from Simple touch Probe to Advanced Touch Scanning 
  • Faster Measurements 
  • Speed to Competency/Easier/Faster to Learn 
  • Less Operators 
  • Enhanced Reporting 
  • Open Platform – use the technology you want, not restricted to one company’s technology 
  • Increased Consistency/Repeatability 
  • Faster Programming 
  • Lower Cost of Maintenance  

Retrofitting Upgrade Benefit Matrix

Use the chart below to see what retrofitting upgrades you can consider to achieve an array of benefits to fit your needs!

Increased Throughput Improved Accuracy Increased Capabilities Improved Usability Increased Lifespan
Probe Heads
Scale Encoders
Joystick/Jog Box
CMM Components