Effbe Active Air Vibration Diaphragm Systems isolate precision measurement and tooling systems for an added layer of accuracy. By eliminating vibration from the equation, Effbe vibration solutions account for an environmental error many companies neglect to address.

Environmental factors make up a large portion of errors in measurement. Temperature is one of the most well-known, causing the expansion or contraction of even the most stable of materials. Another environmental factor that can cause error is vibration–especially when considering environments like a busy shop floor. However, there are a number of other areas where vibration may not even be considered–shops located near busy thoroughfares, airports, and in proximity to heavy machinery are all subject to vibration-related measurement errors.

Effbe specializes in dampening solutions through the use of heavy-duty and highly-engineered diaphragms. Their active dampers sense the severity of vibration sources and use compressed air to compensate – isolating the machine from any disturbance during the measurement, machining, or testing process.

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