Chameleon Plug & Play CMM Motion Controller

CMM Retrofits allow you to upgrade your CMM hardware with the latest advancements in measurement technology, ultimately improving your accuracy, efficiency, and machine life. However, many discontinued CMM controllers can no longer communicate with modern CMM software. In other cases, the CMM controller might need repair, however, replacement parts are often nonexistent. That’s where the Chameleon CMM Controller from Easy CMM comes in!

Capable of working with virtually any combination of CMM hardware and CMM software, the Chameleon is the most flexible CMM retrofit controller ever produced. Whether you want to use your old CMM software on a different machine, or if you want to use modern software to revive your old machine, the Chameleon CMM motion controller is the plug & play solution you need.

Chameleon CMM Controller compatibility examples
Chameleon CMM Controller on table

The Chameleon controller works by emulating the original CMM controller, allowing your CMM to run off of any modern software. So no matter what CMM software your team uses, your Chameleon controller will enable your aging CMM to run your programs.

Whether you want to breathe new life into a CMM with obsolete tech, utilize your team’s current CMM programs on an updated system, or tackle any other retrofit compatibility complication, the Chameleon Controller from Easy CMM is what you’ve been looking for!

Streamline Your CMM Retrofit

With the Chameleon Motion Controller, a CMM retrofit goes from a thorough restoration project to a simple hardware upgrade–saving you time and money instantly. And because you can keep using your original CMM programs, you can start measuring parts almost immediately!

Chameleon CMM Controller on display at Quality Show 2023 in Chicago, IL.

Revive Your CMM With Made to Measure & EasyCMM

Are you wondering if the Chameleon controller can breathe new life into your obsolete CMM? Made to Measure is ready to help you find out! Whether you own Mitutoyo CMM that’s been out of commission for years, an LK that’s not OK, an aging Brown & Sharpe, or if you just don’t know how to get your CMM working with whatever equipment you have on-hand, the Chameleon is ready to take on the challenge. Get in touch with our team at Made to Measure to see how a retrofit with the EasyCMM Chameleon can make the most of your machine.