PC-DMIS Programming Services at Made to Measure

As the most popular CMM software on the planet, PC-DMIS is ubiquitous in the quality industry. While we offer CMM programming services in several CMM software, we know there’s a solid chance your CMM runs on PC-DMIS. And if so, then your team can surely benefit from PC-DMIS programming from our experts at Made to Measure. With over 80 years of combined experience using PC-DMIS, programming CMMs with this ever-present software is second nature to our team. If your team needs PC-DMIS programming, don’t hesitate to email or call us at (847) 851-1160 today.

What is PC DMIS Programming?

CMM software like PC-DMIS is capable of sending commands to a CMM automatically, allowing for inspections without constant operator input and supervision. In the most basic terms, a PC DMIS program is an intensely specific list of measurement commands and guidelines needed to complete an inspection. However, a CMM cannot receive commands directly from just any PC – it needs a controller to send precisely-timed serial commands to the right components. PC-DMIS software sends the program information step-by-step to the CMM hardware controller. The CMM controller then receives these commands from PC-DMIS and essentially “translates” them into a serial communication protocol that the CMM uses to perform the measurements.

How Can PC-DMIS CMM Programming Help Your Team?

Over the years, coordinate measuring machines have become more user-friendly for operators—allowing users to simply position their parts properly and execute the measurement program. However, it takes an experienced measurement technician or metrologist to create an effective CMM program. In many cases, these highly-trained specialists are too busy with other work to create CMM programs—if a company employs any at all. No CMM program means downtime, which leads to post-production delays and a damaged bottom line.

That’s where we step in! Our team of AUKOM-Certified Metrologists has the experience and skill necessary to take care of your PC-DMIS programming needs effectively. Whether you need an urgent change to a current program or want a CMM program created offline pre-production, we have you covered.

CMM Programming & So Much More at Made to Measure

Made to Measure does so much more than create PC-DMIS programs—we’re your go-to resource for nearly anything Metrology! Besides creating CMM programs in a variety of software, we are a full-service, ITAR Registered, and ISO 17025:2017 accredited inspection lab.