Nikon Automated 3D Laser Scanning for CMMs

Nikon CMM laser scanners provide an efficiency boost to your traditional CMM by offering high accuracy, non-contact feature and surface measurements with no part preparation. Capture the smallest of details with the highest precision, providing valuable insights for components ranging from small airfoil blades to intricate sheet metal parts.

Nikon Laser Scanners for Coordinate Measuring Machines

The LC15Dx CMM laser scanner provides non-contact measurements at the highest accuracy level.

The L100 provides high accuracy and increased scanning range for larger workpieces.

Advantages of Nikon Laser Scanning

  • Easy to you, built-in Field-of-View (FOV) positioner
  • Automated & ultrafast data collection
  • Real-time optimization of laser parameters
  • Can be configured with a touch probe to offer multi-sensor versatility
  • Measurement at the speed of up to 420,000 points/second
  • Ideal for a wide range of components from Metal & Ceramics to Plastic & Clay
  • Can accurately scan all types of finishes including rough machine parts and smooth polished surfaces

Made to Measure is an Authorized Nikon Dealer & Provides:

  • Installation of the Nikon Laser Scanners onto virtually any new or used CMM
  • Service to ensure your Nikon Laser Scanner and CMM are functioning perfectly together
  • Training to help you utilize your Nikon Laser Scanner to its full capabilities

Contact Made to Measure for Non-Contact Measurement Needs

Whether you’re looking for a Nikon laser for your CMM or if you want us to laser scan your parts for you, we’re ready to handle your next metrology project. Give us a call at (847) 851-1160 to see how we can help you take home the Nikon laser scanner you need,