Color Mapping

While text-based inspection reports from Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and Vision Measuring Machines (VMMs) are typically well-suited for most dimensional measurement projects, it’s sometimes more effective to show results graphically with 3D Chromatic Reports, commonly known as “color mapping.” We create easy-to-read Chromatic Reports by scanning your part and comparing the point cloud data to your CAD model. Measurements are given a color to represent how far they are over or under their target. Once a component is scanned, software is utilized to analyze and highlight the differences between the measured part and the nominal CAD model producing a color map. With the part-to-CAD comparison, deviations are represented by colors that illustrate the magnitude of nonconformities to the intended design.

3D color maps, succinctly present the discrepancies between the scanned part and its nominal CAD model. Chromatic Reporting allows your team to easily evaluate the accuracy of your existing parts and prevent fit and functionality issues.

Use Color Mapping for:

  • Creating a visual comparison of parts to CAD model
  • Highlighting key areas where deviations are occurring
  • Identifying missing, added, or mislocated features
  • Determining viable part enhancements
  • Full Article Inspections (FAI)
  • Modifying CAD models to conform to the actual part
  • Ensuring that parts meet specifications prior to production

3D Laser Scanning makes measuring complex parts simpler and faster than ever before. By capturing detailed point cloud data through the laser scans, we are able to inspect the most intricate of parts. Get a big picture look at the parts your team is making with our Color Mapping Services. Color Mapping or “Chromatic Maps” allow designers & manufacturers to get a visual perspective of what’s going on with geometric features and free-form surfaces of their parts, components, and assemblies.

Color Mapping Capabilities

Made to Measure utilizes CMM-based Nikon laser scanning systems and a hand-held Creaform HandySCAN Black laser scanner device to capture the data. We then use GeoMagic Control software to create color maps for inspection. We can also incorporate CMM and Vision data to enhance the accuracy of your reports and CT scanning to capture internal features. Additionally, Made to Measure is able to laser scan all material types, has a scanning range from 1mm to 10m and can perform the 3D laser scanning either onsite or at our facility.

  • Scanning via Nikon L100 Laser Scanning System, Nikon LC15DX Laser Scanning System, or Creaform HandySCAN Black Elite Laser Scanner
  • Merge CMM, Vision Systems, and CT Scanning data for an enhanced report
  • Ability to laser scan all types of material and components sizes from 1mm to 10m
  • Services performed at your facility or at Made to Measure