Roundness Testing of Bowling Balls

Metrology isn’t relegated to a far-off world of formulas and programs, it touches every day life – from tiny gears and fittings to fun and games!

Precision measurement, a very technical discipline, demands accuracy and the specialty tools needed to go far beyond “eyeballing it.” Math and computer science are used daily.

But the application of metrology isn’t just used in a world of formulas and computer programs. Metrologists use the concepts to measure things in your every day world, making those objects perform better, become more useful, and provide a better experience to you, the user.

Take for instance the popular arcade and entertainment chain, Dave & Busters. They approached Made to Measure with a bowling ball used in one of their latest games.

With touch probe scanning, we were able to perform detailed roundness testing of the bowling ball and confirm its readiness for virtual bowling champions nationwide.