5 Easily Avoidable Measuring Errors

Measurement results are influenced by many factors, but here’s 5 easily avoidable errors you can prevent on your next inspection.

1. Unclean Parts.

Make certain your part(s) are clean and free of dirt and debris that can negatively influence your measurement data. Use a lint-free cloth to gently wipe your parts. Remember, vigorous cleaning can heat up the part! DO NOT use aggressive cleaning agents.

2. Inappropriate Measuring Methods

Using a tape measure to measure a feature with a +/- .001 tolerance isn’t a great method, horrible actually. Use the right tools for your parts and know the accuracy of your gage. Follow the Golden Rule of Metrology — The measuring uncertainty of a gage should not exceed 1/10 of the permissible tolerance.

3. Failure to Verify/Use Alternative Methods

Every part isn’t going to be in-tolerance. For example, you are using a CMM and find that a diameter you are measuring is out of tolerance. You have found a discrepancy in your results. This needs to be resolved before continuing your CMM inspection to ensure accuracy. You can use a Vernier caliper, micrometer, or bore gage to verify the measurement.

4. Failure to Verify Excessive Form Error of Datum Features

Excessive form errors in features like flatness, circularity, and cylindricity can cause incorrect and incomparable inspection results.

5. Failure to Verify CMM Stylus Qualification Data

A good qualification is the prerequisite for a good measurement! Any qualification errors will be reflected in your measuring results, which could have some devastating consequences.

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