A Fueled Problem

A customer had an unfortunate problem with the production of their petcock fuel valves for off-highway vehicles. The team at Made to Measure found them a solution!

 A petcock is a small shut-off valve used to control the flow of liquid or gas. These fuel valves — slated for off-highway vehicles — were giving our customer a laundry list of issues from leaks to the assembly not fitting properly, and even the cosmetics of their parts we’re not up to their standards. All these “little” problems resulted in the OHV, (offroad vehicle) not starting up when all the components were connected. They specified the suspect areas and worked one-on-one with our team to help us understand the depth of their uncertainties. The Made to Measure team was able to come up with a design for an automated vacuum and pull test for a multitude of these types of parts, all ranging in different styles, and all with significant problems. Once the vacuum and pull test design was set-up and ready for the inspection, we measured 8,000 fuel valves total!


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After our customer received our easy-to-use report with the inspection data they had requested, they  found useful insight to their overseas manufacturing issues. We were able to make recommendations based on our findings to help aide them in the process of correcting their production line. One more happy customer and one less manufacturing problem through dedicated problem solving and precision inspection!

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